For this last assignment I chose to sketch and then color a sword, helmet, and poison bottle. This drawing depicts some important images leading to the death of Alexander the Great. I chose to draw Alexander the Great because his life was very successful yet short lived. When he died…

Art is something that is made by using ones imagination. It is a way to express someones ideas/emotions. I believe art is any way someone demonstrates/creates an idea or expression. Art can come in many different shapes and sizes and can be expressed in many different ways. It can be…


GeoEngineers, Inc.

-GeoEngineers is an employee-owned company, that has over 300 members and 15 nationwide offices. They are also members of many professional associations. The company is looking for people willing to travel (within the states) and have had experience. They also offer internships however, I need to apply before receiving…

Victoria Colaruotolo

Coffee Enthusiast

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